Once in a blue moon…and doggy bath time

In the middle of this long Labor Day weekend, I struggled to decide what I would do first.  My ‘To Do’ list at home is long and it’s only getting longer, but I am really, really possessive of my free, away-from-the-office time.  We have all been working long, hard hours lately, especially since we are nearing the end of the fiscal year.  Which means EVERYTHING that was supposed to be done by 30 September, HAS to be done by 30 September.

But I digress….

Woke up early enough to watch the Formula 1 Race from Spa in Belgium.  Almost made it to the first turn of a 44-lap race before the lead driver of my favorite team (think Red and Italian) was taken out.  Well, so much for that…I ended up checking into Facebook and surfing for  a while.

I then switched to Fox Soccer Channel.  My favorite team at the Barclays Premier League (Liverpool FC) was on.  They were at home hosting Arsenal.  This is definitely a ‘transition’ or ‘rebuilding’ year for the reds, but they always come up big for the big games.  Well, not today.  They ended up losing at home 0-2… 😦 [in case you’re counting, that is STRIKE TWO for me].

So a bike ride it is!  Local road ride, staying on the flats, working on speed and form.  25 miles later (and at approximately 10:30-ish to 11:00 in the morning) the heat was almost unbearable.  Too hot to continue, but I am definitely not complaining.  I love the summer.  It reminds me of the hot, lazy days in Greece, when the plans for the day were simple:  sleep in, have a nice breakfast (ok, a cup of greek coffee), and go to the beach for the day…

Well, the next thing on the agenda was the grocery shopping trip.  I had quite a bit of time until we left, so I gave the two dogs a bath.  Let me remind you, these are NOT our dogs.  They belong to Kat, our older daughter.  Right.  Olive was first.  She is funny.  She was so pre-occupied with the fact that the choker chain and the lead were around her neck to notice the hose, the running water, and the shampoo.  15 – 20 minutes later, she was towel dried, walked in the sun, shook almost all the water off her back, and looking quite like the diva she is…

Then it was Lucy’s turn for a bath.  Lucy is smart.  She is not fooled easily.  That chain and lead, though, could only mean a walk, right?  Well, no.  Lucy’s bath took a little longer.  It is really exciting, though, because after she is towel dried, Lucy turns into her alter ego, “Fluffball”.  Funniest thing EVER!!!  It’s best seen in the last picture, inside the house.

After a trip to the grocery store (we love Fresh & Easy Markets) and the obligatory trip to fight the seriously combative and rude crowd at Costco, we were back and ready for dinner.  Which reminded me that I had yet to get a good picture of the ‘Blue Moon’, the second full moon of the month.  So I grabbed the camera and parked at one of the ‘observation’ points/decks on the property, and waited for the moon to rise (I’m sure my neighbors thought I was weird, but that’s nothing new, and probably a topic of another post).  After a short wait, this is what I ended up with:

Gorgeous, majestic, cool, awesome, whatever word I choose, it simply cannot describe the sight.  Well, a successful day overall, and another day off tomorrow.

Talk to you all soon!



So I decided to work on a blog.  It took a while to decide on a theme.  It took even longer to get off the fence and do it.  But here it is…

Cars, Cycling, Golf, Sports, and Updates.  I will also (on occasion) post my $0.02 worth of opinion(s) on the latest news and world happenings.

Like all the really, really bad press and exposure my homeland (Greece) has been getting in the last few years.  It is a shame, really, that the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, all of the sciences, and the cradle of Western civilization is ridiculed and used by politicians and ‘talking heads’.

Or like the ‘stripping’ of seven Tour-de-France titles from a guy who apparently/allegedly cheated on his way to his victories.  I’m still confused and conflicted about that one.  I have never completed a century ride (100 miles in one day), but the few times that I’ve done 50 or 60, I’ve been ‘dead’ afterwards.  He did it for 21 days straight, against the best in the world, and he won seven years IN A ROW.  Before him, 3- and 4-time winners were legends.  And that was after he beat cancer!  I don’t want to condone cheating, but I cannot help feel Lance achieved something super-human.  He, by all accounts, clean or dirty, out-worked everyone in the professional peloton.  Stay tuned, I guess…