So I decided to work on a blog.  It took a while to decide on a theme.  It took even longer to get off the fence and do it.  But here it is…

Cars, Cycling, Golf, Sports, and Updates.  I will also (on occasion) post my $0.02 worth of opinion(s) on the latest news and world happenings.

Like all the really, really bad press and exposure my homeland (Greece) has been getting in the last few years.  It is a shame, really, that the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, all of the sciences, and the cradle of Western civilization is ridiculed and used by politicians and ‘talking heads’.

Or like the ‘stripping’ of seven Tour-de-France titles from a guy who apparently/allegedly cheated on his way to his victories.  I’m still confused and conflicted about that one.  I have never completed a century ride (100 miles in one day), but the few times that I’ve done 50 or 60, I’ve been ‘dead’ afterwards.  He did it for 21 days straight, against the best in the world, and he won seven years IN A ROW.  Before him, 3- and 4-time winners were legends.  And that was after he beat cancer!  I don’t want to condone cheating, but I cannot help feel Lance achieved something super-human.  He, by all accounts, clean or dirty, out-worked everyone in the professional peloton.  Stay tuned, I guess…


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